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Experience, Knowledge and Customer Service

The primary objectives of our automotive repair shop in Lowell, MA are to provide STRESS FREE auto repair and maintenance that save you time and money. Our ASE Certified auto mechanics are experienced and can assist you with all of your auto repair and maintenance needs.

As part of our commitment to staying up to speed with the emerging auto industry, we commit to 40+ hours of training per employee each year with local training agencies.  

Fields of expertise

Timing Belt Replacement

Don’t let your timing belt leave you on the side of the road with engine damage. Let us provide you with your manufacturer’s recommended replacement interval and a complete estimate for timing belt replacement.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Each manufacturer has a maintenance schedule to keep your car in top running condition. Many of the services they recommend are needed to maintain your warranty. We would be happy to provide you with a complete list of services and estimates for what your car needs

Computer Programming and Module Replacement

This is becoming more and more common. Many failures are traced back to faulty computer modules. Almost every module need to be programmed with a J-box when they are replaced. You do not need to take it to the dealer, we can do it here. Many other minor problems can be repaired with a software update. 

Oil Changes

Oil is the lifeblood of your car. 

It is one of the most basic but important service you can do to your car. 

Tune ups

Let us check your car for any type of tune-up or running issues. We have a deep understanding of automotive systems in your car. Many issues are a simple inexpensive fix. 


Brakes aren’t as simple as they used to be. Some cars with electric parking brakes require a scan tool to service them. We can perform a complete inspection of your brake system and provide you with a clear estimate of what’s needed or not needed. 

Struts and Shocks

Don’t let a harsh riding suspension get you down. Many of the potential issues are simple and inexpensive.

Wheel Alignments

We have been doing alignments for 30 years and are getting pretty good at it. We do complete four-wheel alignments with a state of the art Hunter alignment machine and rack.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and air conditioning systems can be extremely complex in newer cars. We can get to the bottom of why your system is not heating or cooling quickly and accurately. 

Steering and Suspension

Keep your car safe with a steering and suspension inspection. Don’t be the person on the side of the road with a failed component. Many of these items will give you no indication that they are bad. Let us perform a complete inspection and let you know what is necessary and what can wait. 

Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

This is one of the areas where we shine. We have a deep understanding of automotive electricity. Many issues can be narrowed down to a loose connection or ill-fitting pin and socket without the need for expensive component replacement. 

Emissions Repair and Diagnostics

We are an MA state registered emissions repair facility. We will get to the bottom of your engine light problem quickly and accurately. Will will fix it right the first time. We do not guess!

Transmission Repair and Replacement

Many transmission problems today are electronic. We can repair many of these right in the vehicle without having to remove the transmission. If you do need a complete transmission we can handle that too and give you a great warranty to boot!

Tire Repair and Replacement

We’ve been selling tires for thirty years. With so many options available its hard to choose the right tire sometimes. We have expert knowledge to give you the best advice on which tire is right for your car. We also have a brand new tire machine and wheel balancer. 

Engine Repair and Replacement

Many engine problems can be repaired without replacement. Timing chains, oil pans, etc. If you do need an engine replacement we can provide you with different options to meet your budget. 

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