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The best auto repair advice we can give you as mechanics is that if you care about your automobile, you’ll maintain that vehicle regularly with the help of a certified mechanic. Sure, you can do many things on your own. DIY vehicle repair is incredibly common these days, especially now that we have tutorial videos on YouTube and How-To articles on various websites. Even a person who doesn’t know a thing about cars can take a crash course in changing their own oil by watching a video or two, and they just might manage to pull it off. But follow the below advice, please, when it comes to maintaining your car. Your auto mechanic will thank you.

Trust Your Auto Mechanic

While the internet is great for teaching DIY vehicle maintenance, it has also created an army of armchair auto mechanics.  It’s frustrating when a customer comes in claiming to know exactly what’s wrong with the vehicle and exactly what’s required to fix it, and then have to explain to them that they are actually wrong.  We have sophisticated diagnostic equipment and techniques that we use to diagnose the problems your vehicle may be facing. Trust us when we give you advice. That’s what you pay us for, after all.

Maintain Your Vehicle Regularly

You can’t change your oil once every ten years and expect your vehicle to make it to 100,000 miles. Your car needs its oil changed regularly, the brakes should be checked twice per year, you should flush your coolant at least once every other  year, and that’s just some of what’s required when it comes to keeping your vehicle on the up-and-up.

While the cost of maintaining your vehicle regularly may seem like a lot of money, you have to consider that not maintaining your vehicle will only cause serious and very expensive problems later on. Spend your money wisely on proper vehicle maintenance and you’ll save much more money in the long run, promise.


Follow this auto repair advice to keep your vehicle running and your auto repair mechanic happy.